As an Architecture Company with a large customer base, In-Site Design Group has acquired special pricing on solar systems. While other companies have huge overhead and marketing costs, In-Site Design Group already has a large customer base that we offer solar to without having to pay enormous marketing costs to obtain these customers. We then simply pass on the savings to our customers. We are saving our customers up to 30% vs. other solar companies. With our bulk pricing, we save our customers several thousand dollars while still installing high quality solar systems with the same components used by other solar companies.

Our partner installation company installed 325 systems in 2016 alone. Our solar energy designers, engineers and installers are trained to the highest industry standards, providing an unmatched level of integrity, personalized service and support. Our job is to handle every aspect of your project, providing a reliable, seamless solar installation experience.


We are one of the few companies in Utah that uses the most advanced design equipment available, Sun Eye, which allows us to take hyper-accurate, location-specific measurements of your home's exposure to the sun. With this tailored technology, our customers have a true advantage knowing what their solar system will produce on an annual basis. No longer do property owners have to rely on averages and/or only be able to make minimal design adjustments after installation. In-Site Design Group is able to leverage our knowledge and “insight” of how to properly design a system, leading to solar energy production and financial savings that are accurate, predictable and yield the most savings.

Solar Services


We’ll schedule a site visit where our technician will survey your roof, take measurements to determine shade and check your existing electrical.


After your contract is in place, we’ll generate a set of detailed plans, apply for the required permitting and manage the rebate paperwork process on your behalf.


Our team will then install your system and complete a final inspection, along with submitting your Net Energy Metering application with your local utility provider.